Gunhand the Movie is an upcoming independent western feature film which started  picking up traction with help from a $20,000 IndieGoGo campaign. This week I’ve got Gunhand the Movie screenwriter & director Rey Agaoglu to answer a few questions and tell us a bit more about Gunhand. 

Hi Rey and thanks so much for giving me a little of your time.

I have been keeping an eye on your social media accounts and It was great to see you have been location hunting around the Guadix area of Andalucia recently as I have a cave house not far from there.

First off, can I get a few favourites please? 

Top Spaghetti Movies: ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’, ‘My name is Nobody’ and ‘Death rides a Horse’.

Favourite Director: Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood and MANY more (really difficult to choose 1)

Favourite Actor: difficult to choose but; Daniel Day Lewis.

Favourite Actress: also difficult but; Gillian Anderson.

Score/Soundtrack Composer: Ennio Morricone/Carter Burwell

Who and where was the first music gig you attended? 
U2 in Toronto in 1983.

What was the first movie that really grabbed you? 
I saw ‘My name is Nobody’ in the theatre when I was 8 and it was fantastic!

Who or what are your main movie influences? 
Many influences but to name a few; Sergio Leone, Japanese filmmakers like Kobayashi and Kurosawa, Terence Malick and Clint Eastwood’s films (he is an economical filmmaker). 

Do you have a film related project that makes you thing, damn I wish I’d done that? if so what is it ?
Yes! ‘The Revenant’ directed by Alejandro Iñárritu.

You are creating a Super Movie, who’s in it and what are they doing? 
I would make a Western or a Medieval film with Daniel Day Lewis, Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman and Woody Harrelson. The story would be about Gunfighters or Knights coming out of retirement for a final mission…using their age and experience to overcome great odds.

On that theme if you could collaborate with any one at all dead or living who would you choose? and why? 
It would be fantastic to collaborate with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. There is something very special about his camerawork that is difficult to describe in words. 

It’s quite obvious that you are a movie / music fan but do you ever get starstruck? and if so then by whom?  
I would be Starstruck if I met Clint…even at this age. 

Do you have a favourite location or country for making films?  
Of course Spain! It has nearly every type of environment. 

So we know you for directing & writing but do you have any other interesting interests? 
I draw a lot and play the guitar (electric;) 

Before movies did you have “normal” jobs? and if so what
was the worst?

I have had many different jobs. The worst job I had was working in a leather Factory (very stinky). In my humble opinion, it’s important for a Director/Writer to truly understand different characters and the worlds they inhabit, having done many different jobs definitely helps with that process. 

on that note, who or what made you think:
fuck day jobs…. I’m gonna do this?
Well I still have a day job working on commercial video projects for various businesses…it helps pay the bills. 

Who do think might be a total pain in the arse to go to the pub with?
My Dad…haha. 

What is the stupidest question you have ever been asked? 
When I lived in Toronto, Canada someone from the U.S. asked me in the month of July where the nearest Ski hill was. 

Do you have Pets? A Cat named Jimmy. 

Briefly, your thoughts on: 

The Future of the European Western:
Westerns (as a genre in general) seem to be making a comeback. I hope that European filmmakers will continue to make new Westerns because their interpretation of the “West” (the perspective and design) will always be different from the American Perspective…not necessarily better, but unique and therefore interesting. 

American Westerns vs European Westerns:

I tend to prefer Westerns that have been made by European Directors where the mythology of the West is scrutinized a bit more. Although Clint Eastwood is an American Director his first major Movie Acting experience was in Europe with Sergio Leone. This definitely had a big influence on him as a director along with Don Siegel who was an ‘economical’ low budget filmmaker. Clint’s Westerns are an interesting Mix of the two and I like them very much. 

Marmite: No thank you, I will pass it forward. 

Lastly how is the best way for people to keep up to date with Gunhand and maybe even get involved? 
The project has slowed down some because we are busy getting an ‘A-List’ actor attached. This is important to help sell the movie. Alas, without some guarantee of sales investors stay away  In the meantime people can check out our Instagram account to follow the pre-production and planning process and they can always send an email to [email protected] for any questions or help with financing which is the most important thing right now. 

Thanks for your Time and Good Luck with the Movie, I personally can’t wait to see it.
Thank you for your interest in our project and keeping the Spaghetti Western alive and well !!!! 

Keep up to speed with Gunhand the Movie as it progresses via the following links:
Gunhand Official Website
Gunhand Facebook Page
Gunhand Instagram

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By Iccy