Alex Cox, director of Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Straight to Hell, Walker and Tombstone Rashomon etc has just announced what is very likely to be his last movie and luckily for us going to be a western.

As an independent filmmaker Alex doesn’t chase after the big companies with the cash, he’d rather keep control of his artistic licence and keep more control over the finished movie which of course means it needs funding in some other way.

The Script is done and filming is expected to take place on location in USA & of course Spain.

I love Alex’ work and would urge anyone reading to maybe bung the project a couple of pounds if you can afford to. I know how hard times are at the moment but If you can and indeed feel you’d like to support what is likely to be his last movie and of another western for us to enjoy then please do so.

CLICK HERE to go to The Kickstarter page for more info on the project (opens in a new tab).

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