Many of you will know El Condor as the huge castle set purpose built for the 1970 John Guillermin western of the same name which starred Jim Brown & Lee Van Cleef. Some of you will know it from The Blindman (1971) featuring Ringo Starr, Conan the Barbarian (1982) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger but it was also used for many other films and even Joe Strummer filmed some of the ‘Love Kills’ video here. Over the years El Condor has gradually eroded into what we have left today, which sadly isn’t much but it still has some of the old magic left.

Last summer singer songwriter Heston Lee headed out to Fuerte El Condor in the Tabernas Desert armed with some fine musicians to shoot the video for ‘Oh Biddy’, the lead single for his debut album ‘Farewell my Love’. Although I haven’t heard the whole album yet ‘Oh Biddy’ is a really nice tune which is in no way surprising when you realise that Heston’s band on this occasion is made up of Killing Joke’s Youth on bass, former 101ers and PIL drummer Richard ‘Snakehips’ Dudanski and Spanish guitarist Juan Codorniu. The production is also top notch having come straight out of The Space Mountain Studio with Youth on the buttons and sliders.

Check out the Oh Biddy Video on Youtube

Find out more about Heston and his music at: Heston Lee Official

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